adventures in raspberry pi

What’s this? More baking? It has been a while since I made any sweet pastry treats… But, sadly for you, I haven’t been whipping up a frenzy in my kitchen. Instead, I’ve been given a Raspberry Pi to play with.

If you know what one is, then I salute you. If not, then it’s a teeny, tiny computer about that size of a credit card. You can flash an operating system, such as Linux, on to a SD card which will then enable you to basically do anything that needs a computer to run it (obviously limited to the capabilities of the on-board components).

raspberry pi

so teeny-tiny, even in my miniscule hands

“…we felt that we could try to do something about the situation where computers had become so expensive and arcane that programming experimentation on them had to be forbidden by parents; and to find a platform that, like those old home computers, could boot into a programming environment.”

Yes, remember the days when you had to TYPE THINGS IN to make a computer do something? You know, when it was hard? Well, they’re back. And I, Katy Moon, am taking on the challenge of making my Raspberry Pi do… something. I haven’t quite figured out what that something is, but turning it on may be a challenge so even if I get as far as making the lights flash, I’ll be happy.