also a quick update…

I’M IN PALM SPRINGS and it’s quite warm.

Last time we spoke, we were talking about LA and how it was there and stuff. Well, since then, we’ve been all the way to Hollywood to see the Walk of Stars to find Michael Bolton. We’ve seen the Chinese Theatre. We’ve nearly reversed in to a car. We’ve been up to the Griffin Observatory (we’ll come to that in just a second). We’ve been to Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. We’ve been to Santa Monica pier. And then… AND THEN… We went to Universal Studios!!!

Right. The Observatory. As expected, it’s on a hill overlooking LA and the Hollywood sign (you can see it when it’s not too misty/smoggy) and it’s got telescopes on it. It’s the least you’d expect from an observatory. In the main planetarium, they have some shows – the one we saw was about water, and how it could mean life on other planets. I’m not sure I can explain just how insane the woman presenting the show was. I imagine she must have done some sort of acting class as her voice was something out of a Disney film. Anyway, if you get the chance, go. Even if you don’t see a show, the views across LA and over the Hollywood Hills are really something.

After a small debate about which tour to go on, we finally decided on Universal Studios over Warner Brothers. I guess we’ll never know if it was the right decision. What a day! The 3D shows (or 4D for Shrek) are okay. Obviously, the T2 one seems a bit outdated now that it’s 2011 but it’s still fairly impressive. There aren’t the same quantity of rides that you’d find in other theme parks, but the ones that are there are well put together. Jurassic Park is a good starting point as it’s the furthest away. What starts as a river ride soon descends in to log flume chaos. Ben, my other half, classed this as a roller-coaster. It is not. It’s a log flume with some dark bits. The next ride was The Mummy Returns. Now THAT is a roller-coaster, be it indoors. It’s mostly in the dark, and contains bits where you go backwards. Being scared shitless is fun. We walked around until we found the trams. QUEUEING IS AWESOME. It’s not, but although the queue looks long, it moves quite quickly so before we knew it, we were on our way….