back home, safe and sound

I’m not sure about any of you guys, but every time my door buzzer goes I get the jitters. I guess it’s because it’s only on very rare occasions that someone’s turns up unannounced. But who could it be? It’s a bank holiday, so it’s not the postman. It’s not even a courier. Besides, I haven’t ordered anything. None of my friends are around, and the other half is off playing golf with his friends. The only conclusions I can come to is that it’s a) kids, b) someone buzzing up to the wrong flat or c) an axe murderer. Sheepishly, I go to my video entry thingy and have a look. A stripey shirt, manly figure. Not a clue. So, I pick up “Hello?”. The man asks if I’m me. “Err.. yes?”.

It turns out this man lives in the flats opposite and he got a letter meant for me delivered to his flat. Panic over. I’m a paranoid idiot.

Thanks for dropping in x