Birchbox / Lulu Guinness event - March 2014

Birchbox / Lulu Guinness event – March 2014

I’m not a beauty blogger, nor do I write about fashion, so when I was invited to an event by the lovely folks at Birchbox I jumped at the chance to gawp lovingly at handbags I’ll be able to afford when I’m a grown-up.

We turned up at the Lulu Guinness Ellis Street store a little before 7 and were greeted with a glass of bubbly and some nibbles, before being introduced to the latest collection of handbags and accessories. The new season’s stripes and bold colours have been taken straight out of a classic sweet shop – humbugs, boiled sweets and sticks of rock and been the inspiration for the new collection this Spring.

For the more outgoing, Lulu Guinness has taken “inspired by”, thrown it out of the window with this Sweet Shop Edith bag.

chartreuse medium sweet shop edithThe chartreuse colour will look great when teamed up with another springtime trend – monochrome. Keeping the wardrobe nice and simple will really make this bag stand out.

A personal favourite of mine is the Black Leather Mid Pollyanna.

Black Leather Mid PollyannaThe classic shape of the Pollyanna has been with us for some time now, but the colours Lulu Guinness chooses change with every season, giving this bag a fresh lease of life every single time. I love the soft, smooth leather used here and the humbug-striped perspex frame really sets it apart from all of the other back leather handbags out there, all the while maintaining functionality. And, of course, because it’s classic B&W, it will go with anything!

As we hovered in a corner eyeing up purses, we were told about the umbrellas on sale. As a nation, we’re accustomed to rain, or at least we should be by now. We buy umbrellas in their millions every single year, and every single year our streets and bins are littered with the flailing carcasses of weather beaten brollies. The first thing we do is pop to Boots and buy another terrible umbrella not built for purpose. Luckily for us, Lulu Guinness has collaborated with Fulton umbrellas to deliver a range of Britain-proof umbrellas that will cope with the wind whilst also looking bang on trend. I’ve had a Fulton umbrella and if it wasn’t for the fact I left it on the tube a few winters back, I’d still have it. I love this Bloomsbury umbrella:

BloomsburyThe stripes fit in with the latest collection, but I like it because it just screams Twin Peaks at me. One day my log will have something to say about this. If this walking umbrella is a little too big for you, and you’d rather find one that’ll always be in your bag, the range of Tiny umbrellas is exactly what you need. Again engineered by Fulton, these are small but very mighty and will pop right back into shape after a blustery day.

Tiny Umbrella

What I wasn’t aware of before I went to the event was that Benefit were going to be showcasing some new cosmetics in-store. I’m already a fan of Benefit’s POREfessional and thanks to this month’s sample of Stay Don’t Stray, I’m a bit of a convert! But what I really wanted to try out was the new Gimme Brow brow-building gel. I don’t have the fullest of brows, especially where my eyebrows start. It’s like they’re not even trying! But, lo and behold, they brushed it on and brows I had! This is my face:

my faceThat’s definitely on the “to buy” list.

I didn’t take many pictures on the night, but here are the ones I did, which include the wonderful sweets we were allowed to dive in to!

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