Blog-alog baking, with your host Oog...

Blog-alog baking, with your host Oog…

I hate baking, I’m not even kidding. But I’m being forced against my will to make cakes. I’m going to be making Fluff-filled Brownie cakes, inspired by Martha Stewart’s recipe for Mint-filled Brownie Cupcakes. A subtle change, but it’ll all be worth it.

Katy Moon April 1, 20135:38 pm

Doing this from a mobile is harder than I thought.

Katy Moon April 1, 20135:42 pm

Here’s the original recipe for you folks…

Katy Moon April 1, 20135:45 pm

First things first, I need to get al my ingredients together… Recipe calls for 8 ounces of chocolate. Good job I brought tons along.

Katy Moon April 1, 20135:48 pm

I’m not using the finest chocolate on offer, as I need some for the icing too… and THAT would cost too much. Sorry.

Katy Moon April 1, 20135:50 pm

There. Chocolate…

Katy Moon April 1, 20135:52 pm

Recipe also calls for 1/2 cup or 1 stick of butter. Luckily, I’m in the know and I know that this equates to about 115g. No stuffing butter in to a cup for me!

Katy Moon April 1, 20135:53 pm

Side note: I always use unsalted butter in my baking unless specified otherwise.

Katy Moon April 1, 20135:56 pm

Butter should always be room temp. As mine isn’t, I’ve shoved it in the airing cupboard so it softens up, but doesn’t melt.

Katy Moon April 1, 20135:59 pm

1 cup of sugar (seriously, buy some measuring cups)

Katy Moon April 1, 20135:59 pm

I don’t need to take a picture of the 3/4 teaspoon of salt…

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:00 pm

3 large eggs – always buy the eggs it says. It really does make a difference. If it doesn’t say – go medium. And always, ALWAYS buy free range, and organic if possible.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:02 pm

1/2 Cup of all-purpose flour. In my language, this is Plain Flour. The US doesn’t seem to use self-raising in its recipes at all, they add the baking soda/bicarb later. Easy enough…

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:03 pm

Now, the recipe says 1/4 cup unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder, but I can never find/afford this, so I’ve gone for bog-standard cocoa that’s available EVERYWHERE.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:06 pm

Well, I knew *something* would go wrong…

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:06 pm

The golden syrup fell out of the cupboard. There’s cocoa everywhere :(

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:08 pm

In the mean time I’ve misplaced the flour

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:11 pm

Excuse me whilst I have a little tidy up.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:17 pm

And we’re back.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:17 pm

Just don’t look at the floor.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:21 pm

Now, I have just turned on the oven to 175 degrees/Gas Mark 4 and am about to get the BEAST out of the cupboard.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:26 pm

I now have my chocolate and butter in a glass bowl over some simmering water. Melting chocolate should never be done in a hurry. It really doesn’t work.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:27 pm

I think I missed a bit of cocoa that flew on to the hob. Wowsers that stinks.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:29 pm

This is the mess currently sitting in a bowl.

I wish I was posh and had a proper Bain Marie.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:31 pm

It get a bit more melty and chocolatey over time… Don’t over do this bit. we don’t want a pot of boiling chocolate.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:31 pm

Ooops, forgot the picture!

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:34 pm

Ta-da!! May just sit and eat this with a spoon actually…

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:38 pm

Just whisking the chocolate with the sugar and salt. About to whisk in the eggs.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:41 pm

Should be all nice a drippy at this stage, as we’re just about to plonk in the flour and cocoa.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:48 pm

After a quick whisk on medium speed (we don’t want to beat the crap out of this, just make sure it’s mixed) we’re ready to pop this gooey mixture in to the cases!!

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:51 pm

I wish I had posted this earlier – it’s all the ingredients BEFORE I made the cake mix!

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:56 pm

I am currently spooning the mixture in to the cases.

Katy Moon April 1, 20136:57 pm

Liveblog does not like portrait.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:04 pm

Awwwww…..! It’s like 12 tiny cows went for 12 tiny poos.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:05 pm

These bad boys are now going in to the oven (the one that we definitely preheated) for about 35 minutes.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:08 pm

Now, whilst they’re in the oven I am going to attempt to make the frosting and the filling. The frosting will be easy-peasy whereas the filling may not be. I tried to buy Marshmallow Fluff earlier, but failed. I will therefore be attempting to make some of my very own.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:09 pm

I need to clean first. I’ll be back momentarily!

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:19 pm

And we’re back! I’m going to make me a glass of squash (Summer Fruits). It’s thirsty work.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:22 pm

Baking music today is all-day Kisstory on Kiss FM. Don’t judge me, you judgey thing, you.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:23 pm

I need to remember which frosting recipe I’m using. Again, it’s a Martha Stewart one.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:25 pm

This is the one… Dark Chocolate Frosting.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:26 pm

Right. let’s get all the ingredients together again.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:30 pm

For this, I need ALL OF THE BUTTER. Over 500g.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:42 pm

In case you were in any doubt, 1.5lb of chocolate is A LOT of chocolate.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:45 pm

Here are the other ingredients… Cocoa, Icing sugar and butter. Lots of butter.

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:50 pm

Mmmmm… Melty…. (this is almost a kilo of chocolate)

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:53 pm

(I didn’t forget the cakes, by the way)

Katy Moon April 1, 20137:54 pm

This is basically the worst cup of cocoa you’ve ever had.

Katy Moon April 1, 20138:00 pm

In the bowl, we have 2.25 cups of butter, 3/4 cup icing sugar and 1/4 teaspoon salt.

Katy Moon April 1, 20138:00 pm

I’m going to beat this until it’s golden and fluffy :)

Katy Moon April 1, 20138:06 pm

See… Fluffy.

Katy Moon April 1, 20138:15 pm

With the mixer still going, I’ve just added my melted chocolate and my cocoa mixture to the bowl. This creates a very, very chocolatey frosting! I’m going to put this in a smaller bowl and stick it in the fridge until I’m ready to ice (which will be after dinner, and after I’ve done the filling).

Katy Moon April 1, 20138:15 pm

Katy Moon April 1, 20138:16 pm

I’m going away for a bit now, because I require feeding and the frosting needs cooling. I’ll tweet back after when I start the filling!! Fun fun fun!!!

Katy Moon April 1, 20139:33 pm

Right, next up in in my treasure trove of ingredients, we have: Honey (the clearest I could find), an egg (I’ll be using the white), salt (just a pinch) and vanilla extract.

Katy Moon April 1, 20139:33 pm

No shops in Ealing had any official fluff, so I’m making my own.

Katy Moon April 1, 20139:43 pm

Honey, egg white and salt are in the mixer, ready to go. I shall be whisking this for a good 7-10 minutes before adding the vanilla.

Katy Moon April 1, 20139:45 pm

Now, you can’t really see the whisk as it’s going so darn fast, but the honey and egg white mixture is already turning white! Exciting news!!

Katy Moon April 1, 20139:51 pm

Another 6 minutes to go and it’s looking quite fluffy…

Katy Moon April 1, 20139:54 pm

Whilst that’s still going, I’ll start coring my cupcakes.

Katy Moon April 1, 201310:07 pm

This is the finished Fluff, nice and firm.

Katy Moon April 1, 201310:08 pm

This is what a cored cupcake looks like

Katy Moon April 1, 201310:09 pm

If you ever need to core a cake, buy a corer. Catface bought me this one and I love her for it (not just that, obvs.)

Katy Moon April 1, 201310:15 pm

The process is simple. Get spoon of fluff in to the hole, and then recover using the removed core. Simple? Not really. Messy? Oh yes.

Katy Moon April 1, 201310:31 pm

All 12 cakes, filled and plugged. Now, I just need to bring my frosting out of the fridge and we’re done!

Katy Moon April 1, 201310:34 pm

Here’s the frosting, ready to pipe.

Katy Moon April 1, 201310:41 pm

Katy Moon April 1, 201310:47 pm

And we’re done! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…… (drum roll)….. FLUFF-FILLED CHOCOLATE BROWNIE CUPCAKES WITH DARK CHOCOLATE FROSTING.

Katy Moon April 1, 201310:47 pm

I have been your host. Thank you and goodnight.