My letter to Foxtons

Dear Mr Wright,

Thank you for you letter dated 18th November, informing me that house prices in my area have again increased and that if I was wishing to sell, I should get in contact.

I don’t own the property I live in, and if things keep going the way they are I’m afraid that the only property I’ll be able to afford will be in the undesirable suburbs of an old mining town, far away from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke.

Please remove me from the mailing list I seem to be on at the moment. Please don’t add to me the renters list either, as I’ve viewed your listings and had a good old chuckle to myself looking at those inflated prices.

I will also take this opportunity to suggest to Foxtons that all fees and charges should be passed directly on to the landlord rather than the poor soul trying to find a hovel in which to cram all of his/her belongings. Renting is hard enough as it is without the added costs of agents fees, charges for credit checks etc. If the landlords need someone to live in their spare hellhole, they should be the ones stumping up the costs.

I hope you have a lovely afternoon driving around town in your Mini, though perhaps a bicycle may be more of an efficient mode of transport in these built up areas. Again, just a suggestion.

Kind regards,

Katy Moon