new hangbag alert!!!

Anyone that follows me on twitter will know that yesterday I attempted to buy a handbag in M&S and walked out in huff because the bag I wanted was OUT OF STOCK. HOWEVER, my good friend Catface (she’s got a big Cat face) went in to a branch in London (Marble Arch to be precise) and purchased it for me. I’m yet to get my paws on it, but I have been reliably informed that this £32.50 bag is, for all intents and purposes, the same as a Prada bag worth over £800. What can I say, I have impeccable taste!

Here’s the super-pricey Prada bag:

Product BL0797_2AO6_F0229

And here’s the BARGAIN of a handbag produced by our very own M&S:

M&S Bowler Bag

Okay, so they’re not exactly the same, but squint and you’ll never know! Plus, I’m quite enjoying the orange colour – I prefer it to the colours Prada have on offer.

The images above will take you to the websites to purchase, should you feel the need to splash out.