So, as you may have read over on the twitter, I bought a new pair of shoes. Now, bear in mind that I only bought these shoes because I had a code for, which took said shoes down from £39.95 to £15. AND NOW, look at the photos below and tell me that you’re not in love with them.

Photo 1 – The Box

The box, complete with ribbon that I, as a cackhanded fool, failed to retie in to a bow.

Aaaaah, the box. Not much can be said for the average shoebox. They’re usually quite bland, unless you go for a certain designer brand of shoe. The box for my new pair of heels was plain black, so they took the time to tie a black ribbon around the box and go with the simple-yet-effective approach. This box was then placed in a branded bag (a good quality, thick, rope-handled bag) as if I had gone out and bought the shoes in a shop. Slightly OTT, but it did mean I could take my shoes home and not have to fish my Tesco carrier bag out of the bin.

Photo 2 – The Opening

Yes, it's a STICKER

In the package we have a folded card, in which is the invoice/delivery note and a returns label, should you need it. There’s also a sticker that you can stick on the outside of the box so that you know what shoes are in which box. SO HANDY. THANK YOU, STYLISTPICK. You may not be able to see here, but the shoes are wrapped in tissue paper. Well, you can see that, but what you can’t see is that they’re wrapped individually and are sealed with a tiny sticker! It’s all in the detail.

Photo 3 – The Shoes

If there was a photo here, you'd see pictures of beautiful, beautiful shoes.

I HAVE BEAUTIFUL SHOES!!! And when I wear them, I’m a GIANT. A crippled giant, but still… I have feet a little wider than the average person, so even the flattest shoes are a squeeze. I’m going to pray that these shoes will give in to my hobbit feet and that the shoes will fit after a few days limping around in socks.

Photo 4 – The Heels

The Heels

As you couldn’t see the heels/sole particularly well in the last photo, here’s one where you can see the shiny, brown heels that elevate me to the lofty levels of Peter Crouch’s shoulders.


I have to say, that for £15, the service received from was beyond fantastic. I’m not going to review the shoes for wearabilty/comfort/whether or not I can climb Snowdon without them falling apart as they’re high heels and for me, most heels ARE uncomfortable unless they’re the 2-inch orthopaedic shoes that only my grandmother would be seen in. But I am impressed that the delivery was swift and trackable (very important), and that the attention to detail is something so special, it did actually feel like someone, one person, had sent me these shoes. And I LIKE PRESENTS. If you manage to get a discount code, do buy from this site just to try it out. I probably will splash out the odd £40 on here if I find something I like, but I won’t be signing up for their VIP service. I just can’t make that sort of commitment to shoes and handbags. SORRY, COSMO, I HAVE FAILED YOU.