the cheese list (or how i intend to induce really fucked up dreams)

the liquid cheese of terrible, crazy dreams

This New Year’s Eve, we won’t be going out to get obliterated, nor will we be engaging in some painful house party where we’re the ones that bought the ‘good’ wine but never got to drink it because the lovely people that bought the three litre bottle of Scrumpy decided to have a glug on it.

In an attempt to save a few precious pounds, and get the required amount of sleep before a 12-hour shift on the 1st January (yup), we’ve decided to drink wine and eat cheese. LOTS of cheese. This will be accompanied by crackers, pickled onions and a selection of fine wines – including a bottle of this:

Moet & Chandon Champagne - Grand Vintage 2003

Moet & Chandon Champagne – Grand Vintage 2003

I am looking forward to this.

Here, for those that were dragged here by the title of this piece, is the list of cheeses that WILL be consumed during the evening of 31st December 2012:

  •  Monte Enebro – pasteurised goat – A goats cheese spread
  • Pont L’Eveque – unpasteurised cow – Brie-like; Soft & Creamy
  • Epoisses – unpasteurised cow – Doesn’t taste as stinky as it seems; Creamy; DELISHUSH
  • Colston Bassett Blue Stilton – pasteurised cow – SOLID
  • Taleggio – pasteurised cow – Milky
  • Rachel – unpasteurised goat’s milk – Light on the goat
  • Smoked Goodweald – unpasteurised cow’s milk – Not smokey enough; Still nice though
  • Brun de Noix – “really weird”; yeasty, like Marmite
  • Mayfield – Slightly nutty/woody; reminiscent of Emmental or Jarlsberg
  • Isle of Mull Cheddar – unpasteurised cow’s milk – Ripest cheddar; a cheek sucker
  • Old Winchester – pasteurised cow’s milk – Interesting; tangy/sharp
  • Picos Blue – pasteurised cow – Leafy!; strong & smooth

If I ever wake from my lactocoma, I will add tasting notes stating which cheeses I will buy again, which I will not, and what the after effects are of each.

All cheeses were purchased at Harrison’s Delicatessen & Vintners on Pitshanger Lane.