The day today AKA “Sugar Rush”

BINGO WINGS Today, out of all days, was a wholly inappropriate use of sugar and brain power. Having impressed some of my colleagues with my incredible ability to solve problems that our wonderfully overpriced software support team can’t seem to get their overpaid brains around, I then went on to devouring about 15 mini rolls, half a bag of Jelly Babies, a lemon Bakewell tart and a handful of slightly nauseating Eclairs. This binge on all things sugary resulted in me going madder than a box of spanners. My colleagues found this amusing, especially when I started talking about flying squirrels and their flappy bingo wings. And to think it all started with a conversation about Comic Relief.

My happiest moment of the day I dedicate to our very own IT department. I can only assume they were not really trying. Either that or they just don’t know where to look for the simple answers to relatively minor problems. I can understand how that happens. So, being in the right frame of mind at the time, I sent them a lovely email explaining that the problem they were asking us to solve (or ignore) could be automated and that it was a very simple matter of ticking a box in a sub-menu. My life revolves around ticking boxes. Literally. Even the cardboard ones with a big black marker. TICK. I think they would have replied to my email, thanking for my help had I not ended my lovely copy/paste job from the manual with the words

“You’re Welcome”