Today is an itchy day…

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - a poster, none the less

My itchy day has literally nothing to do with this film.

Yes, folks, I am ITCHY. And for no reason whatsoever. I also can’t see as I’ve smudged something greasy over my glasses. A quick going over with my t-shirt has turned life in to a soft-focus affair. All I need now is some cheesy music and I’m right back inside a Merchant-Ivory production.

But back to the itching… Last week, I had a spot on my back. And I scratched it. Game over.

My back is now itchy 24 hours of the day and it’s spreading. I’m majorly effed off. Apart from the original spot, there are no marks of any note on my body that would indicate a) a rash, b) an allergy or c) bites. If anyone out there knows why I’m itching then please feel free to comment.

In other news, I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World the other day. I sincerely hope there’s a sequel. It’s sharp, snappy and very clever. And I like clever films. People at work think it looks rubbish and I can understand why they’d think that from the trailers Universal have dished out. But me trying to explain it in a way that makes other people want to see it just makes things WORSE.

Oh yes, it’s about this guy who falls for this girl but first he had to defeat her 7 evil exes. But it’s done like a comic book, so it’s all kinda ka-pow like Batman

But really, it is very good. And don’t let Cera put you off. His last couple of films may have been a bit on the dodgy side (Year One?) but his gentle manner and his habit of ending sentences in his own special way suits the role rather well. I’d rather have the gently spoken Cera than a ballsy, irritating young superhero wannabe any day. It makes sense. Some bits felt a bit rushed and skimmed over, but you know what adaptations are like. I’ve not read the comics, so I couldn’t possibly have an opinion, but as Comeau says “The comic book’s better than the movie”.